Monday, December 10, 2012

Novel Thoughts #3: Pet Peeves

Welcome to the third edition of Novel Thoughts! Today we're discussing something I think everyone will be able to chime in on: book pet peeves.

Now, since there are a couple pet peeves that I think have been covered thoroughly by the book blogging community (I think the term "insta-love" is proof of that) I decided to talk about a pet peeve I don't think I've ever seen discussed before—it's when a character gets seriously hurt (as in, getting shot) and is in incredible pain in the moment, and then is fine when the scene is over.

I can't be the only one who's noticed this—I've read countless dramatic dystopians with war/government takeover scenes and someone will get shot in the shoulder or the leg (apparently those are the only two targets an evildoer can successfully hit). That's all nice and dramatic in that chapter, sure, but how often do you see that injury mentioned again? Where are the weeks of recovery? The mention of a scar? Something?

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So let me know in the comments if you've noticed this as well, or if you've seen realistic injuries in books!


  1. Oh my gosh! That's totally right. Great peeve!!! Realisticality is always an issue. :D And that totally isn't a word. Tehe. Happy Monday Chey!

  2. OMG. I have missed this, Chey. How did I miss it? o_O *confusion volcano erupts* Good peeve, Chey! (:

  3. Great point Cheyenne! Your right this is something that does happen and hasn't ever been discussed that I've seen anyway. Not only do stories gloss over an injury once it's served it purpose of creating tension or what not, but what about how unrealistic it is in the first place. A lot of the time the injury isn't even portrayed realistically, like when a character is shot in the leg but is still able to run a few miles to escape! (I've never been shot in the leg but I don't think running on it is an option?!?)

    1. That's a great point about how they aren't even realistic when they happen. I've definitely read books where the injured character has continued to run away even once injured. Thanks for chiming in! (:

  4. I totally agree with you!! It's just like in cartoons, when a character gets hurt, and the next scene he's perfectly fine... The only thing is that books are not cartoons. It's really impossible to heal from a serious injury after a few minutes, and it makes the book seem unrealistic.
    Great point Cheyenne!
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  6. I agree with that, too. It's not realistic to have someone almost totally recovered instantly. I can understand why that would be an annoyance.